0 The New 6 Packs: Pick the Best Beard for Your Face

Just like natural locks, the bearded face is the trend of the year. Our generation seems to be fascinated by the traditional look, hence the phrase ‘all things natural’ or ‘Natural hair don’t care’. The beard is now being called the new 6 packs. What this simply means is that…

0 MUST SEE: The Wedding Dress That Costs JUST 1 billion Naira

Imagine a wedding dress that costs a whooping  £4 million which in naira is equivalent to 1,057,303,625 (1 billion, 57 million, 303 Thousand, 625 naira)!!!  I am certain the first thing that comes to a typical African/ Nigerian/ Igbo man’s mind is “What the hell! Would the dress also be…

0 Adesuwa Onyenokwe Graces TW Magazine’s Anniversary Cover

As TW Magazine turns 7 this month of September, to celebrate years of hard work and input, the lovely Adesuwa Onyenokwe is the cover star of this issue. She is TW Publisher and a veteran broadcaster. She shares her journey from television as a broadcaster on NTA to print as publisher & editor in…

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